Pressure Washing

Power Washing to Prep for Painting

Power washing is an essential first step if you are planning to stain or paint any part of a home or building. If the paint or the stain is applied without proper cleaning, it will not stick to the painted surface and it will most likely peel off in small flakes or big chunks over time. Power washing does not only clean the surface from the visible stains but it also removes mold, dust, mildew and other pollutants. Pressure washing can also remove most of the chalking that has taken place. Chalking is a natural process that happens to paint over the course of time; it is when the surface of the paint starts to break down as a result of the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Power Washing to Maintain Painted Surfaces

A good pressure wash can be used in order to clean the exterior existing paint to remove mildew and dirt. Keeping your painted surface clean could add years to the current paint. This depends on the current state of the paint; in some cases, a good power washing will get the job done while in others, the paint has to be replaced. If you can’t judge that by yourself, you should ask for the help of Fine Finish Painting. We will give you an honest opinion and will not encourage you to do any unnecessary effort or work.

Pressure Washing Wood Surfaces

Pressure washing can also be used to clean fences and wooden decks. The wooden decks can be powered washed with water or with a deck brightener. Power washing is going to penetrate deep into the wood fibers. This will wash away any old stains on the wood and it will help brighten up the gray colored wood fibers that happened as a result of rain water, sun and foot traffic. As for fences, they usually have mildew on their surface which is a result of using soft wood for fences as well as being close to the vegetation in the ground. Power washing can easily remove that mildew and makes these fences look as good as new.

Pressure Washing Brick and Concrete Surfaces

surface-pressure-washerAs a surface exposed to the exterior, brick and concrete are vulnerable to outside elements including sun, rain, snow, mold, mildew, algae, bird droppings, sand and dust.  If these are left to sit on the surface over long periods of time they will not only make surfaces look old and unsightly, but they will also cause material erosion. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to remove such debris. We use a surface pressure washing attachment on driveways and porches to ensure an evenly cleaned surface free of ugly streaks that traditional methods leave behind.

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